Emma loves her little baby brother

Mamas heart is so full.


We are home!

We came home the day after Noah was born. It’s been so sweet to see Emma with him. She constantly says “I hold baby.”  A lot of times I will put him on her lap and he will start crying but Emma doesn’t care, she will just look at him and kiss his forehead or hug him.

So bless to now be a family of 4. God is good! 

Meet Noah!

I went into labor one day after my due date and had him the next day. He was born Saturday, June 18 at 12:18 pm. He weighed 9lbs 4oz and was 21.5″. Labor went so much more smoothly this time! We are so in love with this little man! 

Almost 40 weeks

At my appointment, my belly measured 39.5 cm which is right on. His heart beat was in the lower 140s. I was dilated to 1 so I’m making progress. I’m up about 26-27 lbs. My guess would be I will be pregnant for another week but who knows?

Summer time

We enjoyed a day at raging rivers last weekend. Chances are that might be one of the last weekends as us as a family of 3. Mike works this weekend.

38 weeks 

Here’s my pregnancy update. At my appt, baby’s heart beat was 132. I’m measuring right on track. I’m not dilated but baby is super low so that’s good. 

I’m starting to try natural ways to induce labor/ripen the cervix. I’m drinking raspberry tea leaf like crazy. I just started eating dates too. Bring on the baby!!

Little miss mama 

Tonight Emma informed me that the baby in my belly was “her baby” not “mama’s”. 
Later in the night, she wouldn’t let me watch her change her baby’s diaper. Life is going to get interesting when we bring this little man home. Ha, ha.