Almost 38 weeks!

I will be 38 weeks on Thursday. The last 2 days I have started feeling contractions off n on. Sometimes they are so intense I need to sit down. It takes my breath away. My hips are starting to get sore. I know my body is prepping for baby. I can’t believe he will be here in a matter of weeks or days. If I would have to guess, I would guess he would come before his due date but who knows?! Trying to stay calm and not stress about labor. I have another appt. tomorrow. Hopefully that goes good!


36 weeks and still flying

I’m 36 weeks. I got the A-OK to travel from Dr Quisno. I’m looking forward to getting away for a couple days to see my bestie and check out the beautiful town of Seattle and Yakima. I will definitely miss my little girl, Em but I know she’s in good hands.

I can definitely tell my body is changing. My hips are starting to get pretty sore and he continues to drop.  I have gained about 23 lbs. his heart rate last week was between 138-155. It was all over the place. I told the little man he can’t make his arrival until after this trip. Ha! 

Peace out Bismarck. 

35 weeks!

Baby’s heart beat ranged from 138-155 today.  Yesterday he had the hiccups. That was the first time I ever experience feeling a baby having the hiccups inside of me. I’m up 23 lbs, hoping I don’t gain much more than 5 lbs in the next month. I got the clearance to go to Seattle next week. Wahoo!! 

Hoping the next 5-7 weeks go by fast! Can’t wait to meet this sweet boy! 💙💙💙

Mothers day

I had a great Mother’s Day with my mom and Emma. We planted flowers in the backyard and when I say “we” I mean mom did. I watched. Lol.