Playing with her baby 


Sweet love

You know a daddy loves his daughter when he agrees to getting his toes painted just to make his baby happy. Sweet love…



God is so good! Today was perfect. Breakfast with my babe, Easter egg hunt inside, amazing church service, nap time (alone sanity time for mom), Easter egg hunt outside, park and dinner with the inlaws. The only thing that could have made the day better is if Mike was home with us!


Easter eggs!

Emma loved coloring Easter eggs! She did such a good job. For not even being 2, she listens great and is a wonderful big helper.


23 months!

This little girl is our everything! She has been potty training for the last 3 weeks and doing great! No diapers at daycare. She loves to sing ABCs, itsy bitsy spider and twinkle star. She melts my heart daily.


25 weeks

Here’s a quick update. Overall I’m feeling pretty good. I’m a lot more out of breath this pregnancy. Zumba is getting a lot harder to do. I will probably quit teaching that class soon. I still feel good teaching body pump and kick.

Baby is way lower this time! I’m up about 12 pounds. I can’t get enough sleep! I am trying to catch up before summer.  I fully know how sleep deprived I will be with a newborn and toddler. 

Did I mention how much Emma already loves her brother?