ABCs with Emma 

I love when she sings. She tries to mimic me. It’s adorable!


22 weeks!

My energy level is starting to get better. I’m up about 10 pounds. I can finally eat fish again, praise God!! Can’t believe I still have 5 months to grow, I already feel pretty big! 😳   



Let the nursery painting begin. I’m planning on doing gray and teal in the baby’s room. 

Chelsy helped me paint. Tonight we will be working on strips. 


Praying before dinner.

Whenever I tell Emma we have to pray before I can get a word in of our dinner prayer, she busts out “Annie”. “Yes Emma, God bless Annie…”… “Puppy”… 

Watching her pray for her family is the sweetest thing. Melts mamas heart!! 

20 week update

 I’m still pretty exhausted. I would be game for going to bed at 8 pm every night.  Ultrasound went good. Baby is roughly 14oz. Heartbeat was 152. I have gained 8 pounds. This pregnancy is definitely kicking my butt. Why can’t it be easy like the first one?

Biggest craving: cheese queso dip! I’m sure it’s going straight to my butt! 😉

Michelle thinks this ultrasound photo looks likes Mikes ultrasound photo. Ha! She was right. It’s a boy!