Emma and Great Grandma Betty

Emma and I took a road trip up to Velva to visit Grandma Betty, Chad and Jodee. Grandma hadn’t seen Emma since she was 2-3 months old. She was just tickled to see her. Emma even wanted to sit on her lap and read a story. It was super cute. 



Christmas Day!

It was a perfect Christmas Day! Egg bake and Carmel rolls for breakfast while visiting with family, a nice afternoon nap, sledding with Emma and then we wrapped up the day by looking at Christmas lights. How am I so blessed?!?! Perfect Christmas!


Christmas Eve

What a wonderful Christmas! We made so many awesome memories with family. Emma got more gifts than she knew what to do with.


Ugly sweater party

We had a great time celebrating Erin and Tanners baby at an ugly sweater party.  I can’t believe she is down to the last month. Crazy! Can’t wait to meet her little man!




12 weeks

I got to hear the heart beat again earlier this week. It was 160. I have still been sick as a dog but hoping it passes with time. Regardless the baby is worth it!


1st dance class

Emma started dance this week. Isn’t she the cutest thing you have ever seen? She didn’t listen the greatest in class. She was the youngest one there. It was cute to see all the little girls dance!