My little chatty Kathy!

Little miss Emma has been talking up a storm. She is 14 months and says Mama, Da, Uh-oh, Ba (Bottle), Waaf Waaf (Lady) and she recently kinda started saying bye, hi and hello. She catches on so quick!



Swinging At Home

Emma loves her little swing. Best part of my day is hanging out with this kiddo!

Fun at the zoo!

Emma slept through most of the zoo walk but she woke up just in time for the goats. She thought the goats were pretty interesting.  Ha,ha! I foresee going to the zoo a lot this summer.


Theo’s shower!

What a fun day! I love celebrating the life of a beautiful life! So blessed to have this beautiful blondie apart of our family!


My heart is so full 

Nothing fills my heart more than watching Emma have fun, smile and laugh. 

 Tonight at softball it was so sweet. Mike grabbed Emma and had her on his lap in the dugout. Daddy’s little girl hung out with all the softball guys. It melted my heart to see how proud he was of her. He wanted to show her off to the team.  


River fun

Emma got to experience the river for the first time. She liked it for the most part.  She wasn’t crazy about her life jacket but she got used to it. Her buddy Declan was there too.