She is sooo active at night!

Our little dancer. 🙂


Week 34 update

I decided to switch doctors this week. We had an appt at UND with Dr. Quisno and we instantly clicked with her. I feel really good about this decision. Baby’s heart was 138 at our appt. It has slowed down some since the beginning of my pregnancy, which is normal. Dr. Quisno commented that sometimes ultra sounds are wrong and so there is always a chance it is a boy. Ha, you should have seen Mikes eyes light up when he heard that. Dr. Quisno said she has about one patient a year where the ultrasound is wrong. Granted our ultrasound picture was pretty good so chances are it’s still a good chance it’s a girl (99%). It was just a funny conversation to have with her because mike was excited to hear that. Ha! Keep dreaming dreamer.

Can’t wait to meet our little bundle of joy!


34 weeks

6 weeks to go but who’s counting?! 😉

We had our child birthing classes last weekend. Those classes were long but informative. Prepping us for labor!



Cute gift

I got such a cute gift from my coworker Julie Ness today. Adorable card, outfit and blanket! I love it all!! 🙂
Can’t wait to put this outfit on her!


33 weeks

Nothing new this week. Just super busy at work and continuing to “nest”. I have never liked lavender scent and the last 2 weeks I have loved it. Must be a pregnancy thing! 🙂

I meet with a Doula tonight. Hopefully that goes good!